Video: Transitioning from Staff Augmentation to Managed Services

In order to preserve business agility, organizations need to maintain a transparent and flexible model for IT and operations. Managed Services, an outsourcing model in which any effort/product is translated to a group of clearly defined services, allows for these goals to be implemented. The model enables pay-per-use cost models, helps to focus on outcomes (instead of effort) and provides suppliers or other departments with the flexibility to implement their own innovations to improve their services.

However, too many organizations – especially in outsourcing relationships – make use of a staff augmentation framework, which provides unclear productivity monitoring, is reliant on a price per transaction model, and completely limits the room for innovation.

Of course, staff augmentation can be beneficial in some circumstances, but most organizations would prefer to move to a managed services model. The trouble is that many find the implementation of this transition complex and risky.

About this Quint Webinar

This webinar will provide you insight into the benefits of managed services compared to staff augmentation, as well as providing valuable tips for transitioning to that model. Kick start your transition to managed services by learning directly from the experts backed with Quint Wellington Redwood’s proven methodologies and 25 years of IT and sourcing experience. Quint is the highest ranked consultancy in this area by the International Association of Outsourcing Professionals (IAOP).