Top 10 Business Pages on Near Me Directory Create More Traction for Local Roofers

As a neighborhood roofing business in Baltimore, you want to get more online traffic and service queries from homeowners and property managers in the area you service.

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Smaller businesses don’t have the marketing dollars and ad management capabilities that bigger companies possess and find it hard to compete. Near Me provides an easy solution—a local business directory, it caters to smaller, local, area-specific businesses, like roofing contractors.

Searches including the terms “Where to buy” and “near me” have increased by 200% since 2017 []

The predominance of “near me” searches on Google clearly indicates that more customers are looking for nearby service providers, searching plumbers, dentists, roofers, carpenters, HVAC technicians, or painters in the vicinity. Organic search results on Google underline this trend, where search results are predominated by local businesses upfront, complete with contact details.

For providing answers to area-specific, location-based, and nearby search queries, search engines depend on the database they possess, and this includes business directories. Being listed on a high-authority business directory provides search engines with relevant and reliable data that is processed for a search term. Since the emphasis is on providing complete business details, search engines prefer directory listings with complete information, such as the name, area, phone number, service hours, email, helpline number, etc.

Small-scale service providers should understand that local business directories can be more helpful than business directories that aggregate information from across the country. Such large databases often overshadow smaller enterprises like local roofing businesses that don’t have a regular inflow of customer reviews or star ratings. As a result, local roofers might not get the visibility they expect from an online directory.

Owning a listing on a local business directory like Near Me offers many other advantages, and all of these help your brand gain more online visibility. One of the most important ranking factors for any website is the number of backlinks and the quality of backlinks. With a Near Me listing, a business gets a healthy backlink that boosts the overall SEO score. The Near Me business directory is well networked with the local media, helping small businesses gain more traction across regional newsrooms, news sites, radio stations, journalists, trade publications, and industry observers. This delivers a big SEO impact, creating more online traffic via legitimate, white hat SEO methods, without the need to bid for Google Ads.

For every business category, such as roofing contractors, it publishes a list of the top 10 businesses, for all the prominent US cities. As a result, a property owner in Baltimore can easily find the Top 10 Roofers in Baltimore with just a few clicks of the mouse.

To promote call-to-action, the physical address of the business and its phone number is placed in a dark, clear font just below the business logo. Each Near Me Top 10 page is also easy to share on social channels, offering social media engagement to the listed businesses without publishing any social media posts of their own.

Businesses that opt for the premium Near Me services get their own, dedicated page on the directory that is built like a detailed business page with in-depth information, well laid out business details, a Google map link, customer reviews, images, and the single-click option of emailing the web page to the browser’s email ID.

Premium Near Me directory listing also offers a unique press release service. Using it, local businesses like roofing contractors have been able to boost their visibility in their targeted areas, across the audience they want to focus upon. These high-quality press releases get distributed via Near Me’s own newsroom and syndicated across hundreds of other local newsrooms, creating the online buzz that brings in more queries and serious conversions for local businesses.

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