Welcome to the ultimate guide of EVERYTHING Franchise Mode on NHL 22! In this video, I will be bringing you through quite literally everything in Franchise Mode, giving you my tips & tricks, as well as explaining and recommending what I like to do when I play! Feel free to leave a comment with any and all of your questions either here on YouTube or over on the Discord server! We would love to have you join the team 🙂

Article on salary cap adjustments –

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0:00 Intro
1:23 Type of Franchise Mode Options
4:11 Division Realignment
4:44 Main Settings (Owner Mode, Morale, etc.)
14:33 Quick Settings
17:18 Advanced Settings
22:15 Gameplay Sliders
23:28 Salary Cap Compliance/Rosters/Player Movement
30:00 Franchise Mode Hub (Main Screen)
32:59 Owner Mode Overview
35:07 Trading (Trade Finder, Block, Value, etc.)
42:20 Coaching Staff
45:23 Hiring/Firing/Assigning Scouts
47:15 Draft Class
47:53 Draft Board
48:58 Player Search
51:11 Editing Lines/Using Line Chemistry
54:27 Roster Moves
55:43 Morale
56:29 Progress Reports
57:28 Captains & Jerseys
58:20 Contract Management
1:03:28 Free Agency
1:04:15 Hire Staff
1:04:45 Offer Sheet Compensation
1:05:18 Owner Mode Screens
1:06:04 Editing Players (in-mode)
1:07:03 Record Book
1:08:06 Simming an Average Season
1:10:09 Trade Deadline (& Mini-Game)
1:12:16 End-of-season Stats
1:13:42 Draft Interviews
1:14:15 Drafting
1:15:48 Free Agency (July 1st)
1:16:31 Outro