Series 3 – Meet Greg Nathan, Global Franchise Expert from Australia

Gain unique insights into how Franchisees and Franchisors can maximize their success with our Global Franchise expert – Greg Nathan from Australia.

Global Franchise Leaders Forum is a series where top franchise leaders form all over the world will come together on one global platform and share their knowledge with fellow franchise industry members. In this weekly Webinar series, distinguished panelists from the Franchising world will explore how the backdrop of Covid-19 has changed the franchising landscape. This paradigm shift requires us to reassess how to sustain franchising industry engagement and how to implement mindful best practices that support not just the most independent, but also the struggling ones in the Industry. Every Friday for an hour, we will host these virtual sessions to provide critical information specific to the franchise industry about the rapidly changing business and the environment and how India is a vast land of opportunities for the foreign players.

Hosted By – Gaurav Marya, Chairman, Franchise India Group

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