FunFacts News Franchise

About This Franchise
You will own an exclusive local advertising and publishing business in your area. We produce the publication and you manage the local advertising. This makes it easy for you to operate the business which provides high profit, can be arranged for full or part time operation, and includes 3 sources of income.

This franchise provides a local advertising and publishing business opportunity. Exclusive Territories are 50,000 to 75,000 population. The fun and interesting stories in this publication attract readers of all ages. Advertising rates are among the lowest in any area. We created our first local publication over 25 years ago.

The franchisee manages the local advertising. We produce the publication and manage the companion website for you. The training and business setup enables almost anyone to operate this business. You receive continuing help and assistance during every phase of the business. When you join, you select the size of publication, and the income level you want.

Here is what makes you successful: You pass out the brochures to local businesses and answer their question about the advertising. That’s it. The more businesses you visit, the more advertisers will join, and the more money you will make. Sounds simple. But, it’s a fact.
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