Franchise SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Franchise SEO requires an integration of both offsite and on-site local organic search strategies.

From an offsite perspective, building a strong foundation of managed local business listings on directories like Google My Business, Facebook, Apple maps and more is critical to driving online visibility for your franchise locations. It’s important to ensure your location data is managed ongoing, with consistencies in brand message, business information and local content on these key profiles.

From an on-site SEO perspective, the three primary areas of focus should be as follows: overall site structure, localized content and the development of a strong local citation and backlink portfolio.

When evaluating site structure and local page architecture, it’s important for each franchisee to have a local landing page that is tied directly to the brand’s domain URL, versus developing unique websites for each individual franchisee location. This type of structure allows all locations to leverage the ranking authority of the brand domain, which should support an increase in organic rankings on a location-by-location basis.

Each unique franchisee location page should also feature localized content and information that is specific to that particular business. Not only is this a best practice from a user experience standpoint, but local content and local on-page keywords can also drive increased visibility for users searching in-market.

Once you have quality location pages created for each franchisee, it’s important to increase the number of citations and links back to those pages within each market for each location. This tactic serves to increase the authority of the location pages themselves, further increasing organic ranking and web traffic.

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