Finance for a franchise-Veterans finance for a franchise-franchise fraud

If you are seeking Finance for a franchise or are a military Veterans finance seeker for a franchise, you need to be aware of franchise fraud targeting veterans franchises.

Franchise fraud is defined by the FBI as a pyramid scheme.

A discount on a scam is still a scam.

Franchise opportunities for veterans may be nothing more than a discount on Franchise scams and Franchise churning.

Franchises for veterans may look appealing, but do serious research in the internet.
Franchising for veterans may be churning franchises that use Secret gag orders and secret non-disclosure documents in addition to coercive threats of frivolous lawsuits to keep their scams going.

If you are seeking business grants for military veterans be very careful of franchise churning!

Franchises enrolled in a veterans franchise program may be a franchise churning operation that uses extensive gag orders, non-disclosure documents, and coercive threats of frivolous lawsuits.

The steps to Franchise Fraud include:
1. Secrecy due to extensive non-disclosures and Gag orders
2. Making sure you are broke before you are coerced into secrecy.
3. Threat of a frivolous lawsuit to coerce you to sign a Franchise Termination agreement
A Franchise Termination Agreement includes
a) A “script” you must tell future franchise fraud victims, to keep the Franchise Fraud a secret.
b) That you volunteer to outrageous terms that are untrue, such as unpaid future royalties (which were never mentioned in your Franchise Agreement).
c) You “volunteer” to transfer the failed franchise, so the franchisor will not have to report it as a failure in the UFOC.
d) The coerced “agreement” lasts forever.

Posted around Memorial Day 2012 by a franchise churning victim to protect military veterans from Franchise fraud and Franchise churning targeted by franchise pyramid schemes disguised as veterans franchise business opportunities.