Do MSP experts know their tech?! | The Ultimate MSP Podcast Crossover ‘Big Quiz’

In addition to the normal podcast schedule, we bring you this special show to mark the end of a month-long MSP podcast collaboration. Throughout September 2022, six leading MSP podcasters joined forces to share their combined knowledge and to highlight the other podcasts on offer. The Ultimate MSP podcast crossover event culminates with a special show on Friday September 30th 2022, in which our hosts come together to tackle a fun tech quiz.

Listen / watch to see how the MSP podcasters get on, plus find out if you could do any better! PLUS to celebrate the event, you could win $1000.

Find out more about this September’s Ultimate MSP podcast crossover event, including the $1000 prize:

The Ultimate MSP podcast crossover

The Big Quiz host:

Paul Green is the host of The MSP Marketing Podcast.
Listen every Tuesday for powerful marketing and business growth advice to get more new clients, grow monthly recurring revenue and increase net profit. The show is about 30 minutes long and you can either watch it on YouTube or your normal podcast platform (full subscribe links further below).
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Richard Tubb is the host of TubbTalk ( @Tubblog ).
Richard provides expert advice to help IT businesses grow. Richard has worked with the owners of hundreds of MSPs to free up their time, concentrate on doing what is important and make more money.
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@Ian Luckett – IT & MSP Business Growth Expert is
host of the IT Experts Podcast and specialises in helping business owners in the IT & MSP space. Ian has always been a big fan of Personal Development and his passion has spread over the years into the business world

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Skip Ziegler is the co-host of The @Humanize IT Podcast.
In each episode of their show, hosts Adam Walter, Skip Ziegler and other industry experts, show business owners, technology professionals and problem-solvers how to excel their careers with a new, more conversation-based approach to IT.
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Todd Kane is the host of the Evolved Radio Podcast.
Todd is an accomplished business leader with 20+ years of experience and runs Evolved Management Consulting, helping managed IT companies increase profit and decrease stress.
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Extra show notes:

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Presented by Paul Green, an MSP marketing expert:


Find out more about September’s MSP marketing podcast crossover event including the $1000 prize (note the closing date):

The Ultimate MSP podcast crossover

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