Axios CEO Is Betting on Brevity for Political News | Connections Ep. 14 | Salesforce

Jim VandeHei, CEO of Axios, knows that the user experience should always come first, even in political reporting. Everything about Axios, from the layout, to the article format, and even the language used in its stories, is designed to briefly and efficiently give the reader as much information as possible.

It is part of a mission VandeHei calls “Smart Brevity,” a principle he sticks to even if it means sacrificing short-term profits. Because, VandeHei notes, now more than ever is the time for impactful communication.

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Connections: CMOs are saying “so long” to long-standing marketing playbooks. See how they’re shaking things up in this digital-first world. Join Salesforce President and CMO, Sarah Franklin, as she chats with digital leaders about how to create more powerful connections with your customers.

0:00 – Connections Intro
0:55 – Jim VandeHei’s background
2:21 – The inspiration behind Politico
3:35 – How Axios started
4:38 – How to change consumer habits for more engagement I’m not sure this is worded correctly
5:23 – How to make news visually appealing
6:25 – The importance of marketing content
7:28 – Short term profit vs. user needs
7:55 – Advice for content creators
8:35 – The changes in storytelling
10:10 – The effects of misinformation

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