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Looking to start your own solar energy business in India but not sure what to do in terms of the solar business model, solar products, training, finances, and resources required? In this video, learn what are the 7 kinds of solar panel businesses and opportunities in India that you can start with today! From learning how to start your own solar installation company to the investment required in each solar business idea, we have covered it all!

(0:26) How To Become a Solar Manufacturing Company
(2:11) How To Become a Solar Distributor
(3:41) How To Become an Independent Solar Consultant
(4:45) How To Start a Solar EPC
(6:15) How To Start a Solar Financing Company
(7:28) How To Start a Solar Operation and Maintenance Company
(7:28) How To Start a Solar Training Institute


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Disclaimer – This video is non-promotional, created only to provide information about various Solar Businesses you can start in India. This channel does not bear responsibility for any profit or loss in any business undertakings. Please do ensure that you conduct a survey and complete detailed research on any solar business you wish to start.

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